dirtbike riding
dirt bike riders

AntiGravity MX is a Christian-based, non-profit organization founded on the premise of providing motocross (MX) riding that is free to those that most likely would not have the means to participate in expensive extreme sports.

Recognizing that the cost of riding off-road machines can be a deterrent for many people who would love to participate, the founders of AntiGravity MX work diligently to provide the motorcycles, quads, snowmobiles, operational equipment and required safety gear necessary at no cost to the participants.

AntiGravity MX is run and staffed entirely by volunteers who selflessly designate their own time and resources for the organization. We have developed a ministry in which disadvantaged youth can partake without the financial concerns associated. The objective is to gradually incorporate more and more riders who normally would never dream of being able to take part in an extreme sport retreat.

Mission Statement:
GOD. For the founders of AntiGravity MX, the organization exists primarily to glorify God and to draw people to Him. Our desire and vision is for the Lord to use AntiGravity MX to reach individuals who are longing for adventure in life, and subsequently, to bring them to a place of adventure with Him.

RIDE. The AntiGravity MX staff is passionate about creating safe but extreme riding opportunities for those that participate in our retreats. Imagine hitting the track on a dirtbike, quad or snowmobile and cracking open the throttle as you watch the ground rush by you, feel the wind and hear the roar of your engine.

WORK. The third key ingredient to the success of our retreats is having everyone involved in various work details surrounding track maintenance. This primarily involves minor landscaping including rock and stick removal, shoveling, raking, root cutting, etc. The goal is to foster good work ethics among all those who ride with us.

Setting the Tone:
Our commitment is to establish a wholesome, safe, and mutually edifying environment where everyone can have a great time. Those who participate are expected to conduct themselves decently at all times. In return they can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. Clean talk, acts of kindness, and an ever-growing appreciation for the uniqueness of every individual are the hallmarks AntiGravity MX riders live by.

AntiGravity Skate is the newest member of the AntiGravity X family, which owns the world's largest mobile skateboard and BMX half-pipe mini-ramp, mounted on the back of a diesel truck.

AntiGravity Skate is a group of volunteers who firmly believe in and advocate a lifestyle free of alcohol, tobacco and other addictive drugs. All AntiGravity board members and volunteers have signed a pledge to be drug, alcohol and tobacco free.

Skateboarders and BMX riders, on a quest for speed, height and extreme adventure, will get their fix and adrenaline rush with a little help from the AntiGravity Skate staff.

We have recently launched AntiGravity Surf, a Christian Surfers Ministry. AntiGravity Surf is located in Southern California and desires to partner with churches who believe we can turn hearts through the sport of surfing.

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