AntiGravity MX, LLC


In exchange for being allowed to ride with AntiGravity MX, LLC, including using their dirt bikes, quads, protective safety gear, using any tracks, woods, and trails (Property), for recreation riding with granted permission to AntiGravity MX, LLC, I and any minors in my care and/or custody (Minors) and anyone who might sue on my behalf, (collectively, Releasors) (1) will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless AntiGravity MX, LLC, their employees, volunteers, staff, any landlord, land owner, land lessor associated with AntiGravity MX, LLC, and all their respective heirs, estates, executors, administrators, successors, officers, stockholders, members, owners, employees, agents, representatives and assigns (Releasees), from and against any and all known or unknown, now or in the future, claims, damages, actions, causes of action, or suits, for death, personal injury, disability and/or property damage, fees (including attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses incurred by Releasees) regarding any such claims, or expenses (including without limit medical expenses) on the part of any person relating to the use of or presence on the Property by Releasors (Claims) relating in any way to: (i) my/our actions or inactions, (ii) my/our breach or failure to abide by any part of this agreement; or (iii)) any other harm caused by me/us; and (2) release and discharge Releasees from and against Claims, even if due to Releasees’ negligence (except willful or wanton negligence or misconduct); Releasees shall not be liable for Claims. Releasors waive any right to sue Releasees for such.

We will follow all rules set forth by AntiGravity MX, LLC, use required safety gear including helmets at all times while operating dirt bikes/quads and have not been advised against such activities by a health professional. Motocross may cause death, serious injury, and property loss; and Releasees may not have liability insurance. We expect wrong way riders, pedestrians and other track hazards. We voluntarily assume all such risks. If we are on unfamiliar woods/trails/tracks we will go slower and more carefully than normal and inspect the terrain before riding. If we believe an area is unsafe we will immediately advise AntiGravity MX, LLC.

I assume full responsibility for me and any Minors for the risk of injury, death, disability, or property damage. In exchange for being allowed on the Property to ride with AntiGravity MX, LLC, Releasors covenant not to sue or assist in the pursuit against Releasees regarding any Claims, regardless of who caused the Claims, including without limit fault or negligence of Releasees (except willful negligence or misconduct of Releasees). Releasors will pay our own and Releasees’ attorneys fees and expenses relating in any way to Releasor's breach or failure to abide by any part of this agreement.

My signature on this agreement is relied on by Releasees to allow me and any Minors to engage in Activities on the Property to ride with AntiGravity MX, LLC. This agreement is intended to be as broad as the law allows. If any part is invalid, the rest shall stand. This agreement shall be continuing and shall apply to the use of the Property by me and any Minors on this date and on any future date. Releasors assume the risks of the dangers of being on the Property, and rely wholly on our own judgment, not on any statements or representations of Releasees. This agreement reflects the entire understanding on this agreement, and no statements, promises or inducements not contained in this agreement shall be valid or binding. I can have a copy of this agreement on request. I have signed below under my hand and seal, this date, and am authorized to sign on behalf of any Minors. I am 18 or older, have read this agreement and fully understand it.

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