Marios A. Ellinas
Valley Shore Assembly of God

One of the worst stereotypes about Christians is that they are too straight-laced and uptight to have fun. In other words, in the eyes of many, Christians represent a faith system that makes them boring. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Christians have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They establish and develop a genuine and ever-growing friendship with the God who spoke everything into existence—the God who made us and loves us and wants the best for us. The relationship Christians have with their heavenly Father evokes in them, not fear or rigidity, but the richest sense of freedom—a freedom to be creative, freedom to enjoy life, freedom to have a great time doing fun things.....like motocross!!

I have been privileged to participate in several AntiGravity MX retreats. I consider those times of worship, teaching, fun, and fellowship, among the best ministry opportunities of my life. AntiGravity MX is Christ-centered through and through. Every founder and leader of this organization knows and continually pursues God with passion, fervency, and sincerity of heart. They truly live life to the fullest, even “opening the throttle to the max” at times.

My times among teens and men during AntiGravity MX retreats attest to the fact that living for Jesus is the most exhilarating ride anyone can ever take. He brings nothing but sheer joy to the heart of those who know Him and walk in His ways. Serving the Lord is the greatest adventure you’ll ever embark upon-period!

I wholeheartedly endorse AntiGravity MX. I am proud of its founders, leaders, and volunteers—I commend them for their determination and efforts to broaden their scope of Kingdom-influence in their generation. They truly live the extreme life for Jesus!

Mark DeJesus
Turning Hearts Ministries

AntiGravity MX has a God-inspired vision that is worth partnering with in helping to build the Kingdom of God. This organization brings excellence in ministering to the whole person, by facilitating times of adventure, relationship, and ministry. I have not only watched it impact other people’s lives, but it has touched my heart and has made an impression in my own life as well.

My experience with an AntiGravity retreat as a speaker and as an attendee was meaningful and memorable. I saw as men’s eyes were filled with a joy and excitement as they rode on dirt bikes and quads while yelling and laughing with passion. It further brought an atmosphere of relational connection with each other and with God so that life-change could take place.

I love how this ministry is so giving. What comes into it gets put into what is necessary to open up floods of love and relationship to all who are touched. I look forward to being able to partner with future events and projects that come out of AntiGravity MX.

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