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AntiGravity MX Sponsors

AntiGravity MX is a non-profit organization, fueled entirely by donations from generous benefactors. We can provide sponsors with tax write-offs for the donation, product or service given. In our efforts to ensure the safety of all AntiGravity MX riders--yet without levying a financial burden on them--we are currently providing all of the following equipment for free:

  • Full-Face MX Helmets
  • MX Goggles
  • MX Riding Pants
  • MX Knee/Shin Pads
  • MX Chest Protector
  • MX Long Sleeve Jerseys
  • MX Boots
  • MX Gloves

  • Please use the Contact link at the top right of this page for Sponsorship Inquiries. Thank you!
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